Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Shopping trip this week!

Kroger: Spent $9.22 OOP after coupons. I saved 24.27. I earned $3.50 OYNO coupon for the Betty Crocker fruit snacks. I still need some more fresh produce this week so the $3.50 coupon will come in handy and help cover the cost.

Meijer 1st transaction: Spent $11.85 OOP after coupons. Saved $37.05. Earned $1 and $3 in OYNO coupons. (They missed $2.60 in coupons. It should have been $9.25. I did not catch this until I looked at my receipt when I got home. The Kool Aid coupons are ringing up for $.20 and not $1 and she just missed a $1 coupon. Make sure you watch the coupons as they scan and count the number of coupons you hand the cashier. I was talking about my website and I missed it.)

Meijer 2nd transaction: Spent $1.92 OOP after coupons. Saved $21.88 (I used the $4 in OYNO coupons to help me get a lower OOP.)

Walgreens: $1.21 OOP after coupons and $6 RR. Saved $8.68. Earned $3 RR to use for next week deals.

CVS: $.39 after coupons and $12 in ECB! Saved $55.44. Earned $16.98 in ECB to use for next weeks deals. I made more ECB than I used to pay for my order! (I used last weeks ECB to pay for this weeks ECB deals. I just keep rolling them each week. If you play the game you will never spend more than the change in you pocket.

Grand Total spent: Drum Roll Please! Spent $24.59 OOP! Saved $147.32! Earned $16.98 ECB and $3 RR and $3.50 OYNO coupon!

I have still have $15.41 left in my weekly budget to buy some needed items to go with this weeks meal plan. This was just so much fun. LOL! The look on every ones face when the saw my totals after my coupons was just priceless and then I handed them my card.

All of the deals I did today you will find in this weeks Ad Deals post. I hope you have as much fun as I did. Now go out and save some money.


Coach'sWife said...

Thats an awesome shopping :)

andrea said...

I'm amazed---I can't ever seem to get my OOP that low!!!! I've had the same problem as you did at Meijer with the cashier not ringing up all coupons, and it's happened more than once. I started handing them over one by one and making the excuse that I wanted to be sure I had bought everything I had coupons for. They don't like it, but it works.

Cindy said...

It has happened to me a few times also. I was just not watching like I normaly do. The coupon game comes easy for me for some reason. LOL! I really just want to share with others that this is possiable. When I started doing this is was either cut our monthly OOP or get a job. I love be at home with my boys so I decided to learn the coupon game. I was driven to learn how the coupon queens did it and I did after about six months of research. Then I wanted to share it with anyone who wanted to learn also. Yes, I am extreme but I hope that my followers can save money by using some of my ideas that work for them.

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