Monday, March 16, 2009

My Shopping trip this week!

CVS $.67 OOP! I love CVS. I plan to never pay for personal hygiene products again.

Last week I earned $8 in ECB from CVS. This week I was able to find a few deals to use those ECB to earn more ECB! This is how to play the game. Here is what I did.


Total coupons=$2.50 (I used all my Colgate coupons)


Here is the math $10.97-$2.50-$8=$.47

Total OPP after coupons and ECB=$.67 (tax included)

ECB Earned=$10.97! (With the use of coupons I earned more ECB than I started with and only spent $.67 OOP!) This is what a Coupon Queen calls a Money Maker.

* Click here to view this weeks CVS match-ups. If you are new to CVS click here to read my post explaining how to play CVS.

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