Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get a Raincheck!

Do you ever go to the store to find that everything on you list is sold out? This can be frustrating for most people. When a store has a really good sale on a product they usually sell out. I never worry about it I will just ask for a raincheck. I will go back to the store the next week when they have restocked. I will buy the product this week for last weeks sale price with my raincheck. Sometimes I will go to the store knowing I will have to ask for a raincheck. That is fine with me because I may end up finding a good coupon that I didn't already have.

Here are my tips for rainchecks.

  1. Ask for raincheck when the store is sold out.
  2. Watch for expiration date on rain check. That way you use it before it expires.
  3. Paper clip coupons to raincheck if you have any. This will save you time from searching for your coupon.
  4. Make sure you tell the cashier you have a raincheck and what item it is for before you start to check out. I will give the cashier my rain check items first. This just makes it easier for the cashier not to mention kind.

So the next time you go the store and they are sold out, don't forget to ask for a rain check. You will be glad you did.

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