Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tips to Cut Your Grocery Bill


I never used any type of coupon until about a year ago. Boy, do I wish I would have known along time ago what I know now about coupons "oh the money I could have saved". I now think of coupons as money. Here are some of the places you can find coupons.

  • Sunday paper
  • Online
  • Catalinas
  • On products
  • Red box displays in stores
  • Clipping services
  • eCoupons

I will elaborate on each of this places to find coupons in the up coming weeks.


eatonbear said...


THANK-YOU so much for your money saving tips/ideas! I have already begun to use some of your ideas and have already saved $$$.

Annabell said...

Can You email me? I have a couple of questions off line for you.
(they're bargain blog related)

Annabell said...

Can you email me? I have a couple of questions for you regarding blogs and bargains.

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