Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tips to Cut Your Grocery Bill

One way I have found that has helped me to lower my grocery bill is to make it myself. I make my own pasta sauce, pizza sauce, pizza dough, bread and cookie dough to name a few. I do have a few exceptions though. If prepackaged is going to cost me less than making it from scratch. For example cookie dough for less than $1 after sale and coupon. I know it would cost me about the same if not more to make my own cookie dough. In that case I will go ahead and buy the prepackaged.

Here My Top Tips
  1. Wash and prep your own produce.
  2. Make your own bagged salad.
  3. Make your own pancakes,waffles, breads, and muffins.
  4. Don't buy precooked meats cook your own (the cost per pound is about 2 times as much if not more than uncooked meats)
  5. Make your own sauces.
  6. Double recipes and freeze extra. (I am a big fan of bulk cooking)

Making things from scratch does not have to be a daunting task. Set aside a little time each week to make it yourself . The money you will save each week will make your effort well worth it.

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Yay! You were linked by my good friend Ang @ The Creative Mama! Love your blog :)

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