Saturday, October 10, 2009

Walgreens Ad Week of Oct 11th!

Thanks to Charlene for compiling this weeks Walgreen's deals.

Here are my favorites:

$2.50 Colgate Wave Toothbrush or Total Toothpaste
-Get $1 Register Reward when you buy 2
-Use (2) $1/1 from 9/27 SS (toothpaste)
=$1 each after RR!

2/$7 Crest w/ Scope Toothpaste, Oral B Pro Health toothbrush, Scope Mouthwash
-Get $4 Register Reward
-Use (2) $.75 9/27 P&G
=$.75 each after RR!

$5.99 Schick Quattro Disposable Razors
-Get $1 Register Reward
-Use $3/1 coupon from 9/13 SS

2/$18 Huggies
-Use (2) $2/1 HERE
-Get $4 Register Rewards
=2/$10- submit Caregiver's rebate and get an extra $1.50 back
AND if you can find the Walgreens coloring book- save another $2.00 (makes them $3.75/pack!)
Unilever Promotion: Buy 8 items, Get $8 RR, Buy 6, Get $4 RRIncludes:
Ragu $1.66- use $1/2 from 9/13 RP
Skippy $1.66- use .75/1 Skippy from 10/4 RP
Bertolli Meals $5.99
Hellman's Mayo $2.50

Deal Idea:
Buy 4 Skippy $1.66 each
Buy 4 Ragu $1.66 each
Use (2) $1/2 Ragu
Use (4) .75/1 Skippy
Final Price: $8.28 and get $8 Register Reward back!

Buy $10 in Quaker- Get $5 back in Register Rewards
Instant Oatmeal $2.50 each- use $1.25/2 from 8/30 RP
Granola Bars $2.50 each- use $1/2>here

Deal Idea:
Buy 4 Oatmeal and 1 Granola Bar = $10
Use (2) $1.25/2 coupons
Pay: $7.50 and get $5 back in Register Rewards!
(Like paying .50 per item)

To see the complete list click here.

*Need a few more coupons?

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Amy said...

Are you able to stack RR and mfc?

Cindy said...

It is a little tricky but yes.

At Walgreens you just need to make sure you have the same number of coupons as items.

For example you have 10 items but have 11 coupons. You would need to add a filler so you have the same amount of coupoons as items.

Also if you can not use the same RR for the same item you got the RR from. For example you buy Total toothpaste and you want to buy another Total toothpaste, if you use the RR from the first order you will not get other RR. You need to use a RR from a differant manufacture to generate another RR.

I hope to do a Walgreens 101 soon. I hope this will help you for now.

Amy said...

Ok, I was wondering why these check out ladies were arguing with me, I thought you could stack. So if I add a pencil or something small like that I could use the mfc and the rr.

I found out about the rr's the hard way. I bought 3 One A Days when they were 99 cents each and gave you $5 in RR at the pharmacy. Then I went up front and tried to use that $5 to buy 3 more One A Days and baby wipes, but it didn't print out, so I had them void the whole order and realized it didn't work that way.

The other thing I found out the hard way is that only one rr will print,(2 Glade's in one order only gave me $4 not $8) so you have to make multiple trips, how clever of them.

Thanks for all you do, you save me lots of time and money! A blessing for our family, God Bless!

Cindy said...

Amy, Walgreens is a little harder to run deals until you learn the system.

I made so many mistakes when I first started it is not even funny. LOL! I had to return things ask the cashier to take an item off my bill add an item at the last minute so I could use all my coupons.

Personally I do not shop Wags to much any more. I have a good stock pile and I can now skip deals.

I will try to find some time write a Wags 101 in the future.

Are you comming to one of my classes?

Amy said...

No, I'm not in the Dayton/Cincy area. A woman at our church hosted a coupon class before, I just hadn't gotten into the coupons too much until a few months ago. I was used to CVS so Walgreens RR's really tripped me up, I thought they'd work the same, but I called a woman at Walgreens and she said that Catalina does that RR's and not Walgreens themself, so it's not the same as CVS. But, Walgreens has had more of what we need on sale, so I've had to go there more often and try and learn the system.

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